Zami is a Zamtel WhatsApp chatbot solution that enables the purchase/payment of mobile data, Zamtel Home packages such as Velocity & Velocity Lite offers and talktime using WhatsApp. Customers accessing Zami utilize Zamtel mobile money as a medium while equally allowing customers to pay for packages via other available mobile money networks.


Q1: What is Zami?

Ans: Zami is the Zamtel chatbot that allows you to inquire about Zamtel services, purchase talktime, mobile bundles, Velocity & Velocity Lite Packages

Q2: What is the Zamtel chatbot Self-service number?

Ans: +260950000201

Q3: What services can be accessed through Zami?

Ans: 1. Purchase airtime for your primary Zamtel number or Velocity line. 2. Purchase bundles for your primary Zamtel number or Home Internet. 3. Checkout by using your mobile money wallet to pay for services

Q4: ow do I pay for Zamtel services using WhatsApp?

Ans: You can pay for Zamtel services using your Zamtel mobile money wallet or other networks available on the Zami Chatbot. Start by saving the WhatsApp number +260950000201 or clicking the link (Attached link here) on your phone.

Send the message ''Hello'' to the number on WhatsApp, then proceed to follow the prompts.

Q5: What packages can I purchase on the chatbot?

Ans: 1. Velocity Lite packages 2. Velocity packages 3.Monthly mobile data offers 4. Talktime purchase

Q6: What is the fee/cost of using the platform?

Ans: Interacting with Zami chatbot on WhatsApp is free. All you have to do is ensure to have an active internet connection or an active bundle to access WhatsApp.

Q7: Is there any transaction fee charged for payment?

Ans: When using Zamtel Mobile money to pay, no transaction fee is charged. However, an additional K1 is charged for payments made using alternative mobile money wallets. E.g if your bundle is K10 , you will be charge K11 from your mobile money account for the transaction.

Q8: How will I insert my Pin to approve the transaction?

Ans: To approve the transaction, a prompt will pop up on your mobile phone (phone that holds the sim card with the mobile money wallet) to insert you pin. Once done the transaction will be successfully completed.

Q9: I have sufficient money in my mobile wallet but my transaction failed, why?

Ans: If your transaction fails please check that your mobile money pin is correctly submitted; ensure to submit your pin within 10 seconds of receiving a prompt; ensure you have K1 extra on your account if you are using mobile money wallets other than Zamtel Mobile money. If the problem persists, contact Zamtel Customer service directly on 111 using a Zamtel line, reach out on our social media platforms or on email

Q10: I only have an internet line for Zamtel and a customer on another network, will I still be able to access the WhatsApp chat?

Ans: Yes, you will be able to interact with the Zami, the Zamtel WhatsApp chatbot using any number if within Zambia or international number if outside of Zambia. However, you will only be able to activate services being offered by Zamtel on a Zamtel number.

Q11: My account was debited but no service was activated, how do I logged in my complaint/query?

Ans: If your account was debited and no service has been activated, please contact Zamtel Customer service on 111 on a zamtel number or log in a complaint through any of our social media platforms or on email to be assisted.