DStv Now


DStv Bundles are uniquely designed to allow Zamtel Subscribers with DStv subscriptions access to the DStv Now App services on their Mobile Devices.

When customers dial * 355# and select option 4 they have a choice of Bundles; 1.5GB for 24 Hours to 15GB for 30 Days.


Q1: What is the DStv bundle Offer?

The DStv Bundle Offer gives customer access to a Data package that is designed for streaming of the DStv app only.

Q2: How do I purchase the DStv Bundle?

A DStv package can be activated on the USSD code *355#, select option 4 for DStv & Social bundles. A customer needs to have an active subscription with DStv to benefit from the offer.

Q3: How do I check for my bundle balance?

By dialling *355# and selecting option 6, a subscriber will be shown on screen the DStv bundle balance and will receive an SMS notification of Bundle Balance.

Q4: Can a subscriber purchase the DStv Now bundle multiple times?

A Subscriber can purchase the package offer as many times as they wish. However, accumulation of bundles will occur only for similar validity.

Q5: What are the package validities of the DStv Now bundles?

The Validities are as below

Price (K) Bundle Validity
8 1.5GB 24 hours
20 3GB 3 Days
50 8GB 7 Days
80 15GB 30 Days

Q6: If I do not finish my package offering within stipulated validity period, what will happen to my unutilized DStv bundle?

The remaining bundle will expire, and account zeroed.

Q7: Can I share my bundle?

No, as this is a special package and cannot be shared.

Q8: What happens if I have a Standard Data bundle and a DStv Now Bundle at the same time?

The DStv bundle will have priority over any other bundle wallet while accessing the DStv Now App, once the DStv bundle is depleted the subscriber will then be charged either off the main bundle or PAYG depending on what is active at the given time.

Q9: Can I use the DStv Bundle to access other Internet Services?

No, the DStv bundle is only configured to work on for accessing DStv Now app, any other internet service accessed outside the DStv Now App will be billed from other available wallets.

Q10: Do my DStv Bundles Accumulate?

Yes, DStv bundles will accumulate within the same validity bundle purchased.

Q11: I am not an active DStv Subscriber; will I be able to use access DStv Now services?

No, you will not be able to access DStv Now services without an active DStv subscription.

Q12: How do I get the DStv Now App

Simply download the DStv Now App from Play store for Android phone users or App Store for iPhone/iPad users.

Q13: Is the Offer open to all Zamtel customers?

The Offer is open to all Zamtel Prepaid mobile subscribers.