Devotional Portal


Zamtel Devotional portal is an IVR based service which allows subscribers to access religious messages straight to their mobile phone.

How to Subscribe

Simply dial 2211


For daily access K0.26

Weekly K1.43

Monthly K4.595

How to Unsubscribe

Anytime while listening to the service, Press 9 and follow the IVR instructions. Or you can send an SMS STOP to 2211 for un-subscription.


Q: How do I access Zamtel Devotional portal?

A: Dial 2211 from your Zamtel Mobile and enjoy the divinity of Christian content, OR send a keyword SUB (space) CA to 2211 for Christianity

Q: What are the language options that I have?

A: The service is available only in English language.

Q: Am I charged for this service?

A: Yes. You will be charged for subscription Daily at K0.25 /Weekly at K1.40 /Monthly at K4.50.

Q: What other way can one access the service?

A: Once the service has been activated you will receive a call from 2211 everyday with the day's content, if you miss the call simply dial 2211 and the daily content will be available.

Q: Can I subscribe through any other mode?

A: Yes. You can subscribe to the Zamtel Devotional portal via SMS as well. Just send Sub (space) (Keyword) to 2211 for subscription. E.g. SUB CA to 2211 for Monthly; SUB CA7 for Weekly Or SUB CA1 for Daily.

  • subscribe Instructions

  • Service Name: Christianity

    Keywords: Sub CA -Monthly | Sub CA7-Weekly | Sub CA1 - Daily