Ka Bevla - Activate, Earn, Repeat

General Questions

Q1. What is the "Ka Bevla - Activate, Earn, Repeat" campaign?

Ans. Ka Bevla - Activate, Earn, Repeat" is a campaign aimed at encouraging Zamtel customers who are currently not registered on Mobile Money to activate their Mobile Money wallets. By activating, you earn a K5 bonus which can be used for airtime and bundle and minute purchases. The campaign runs for six (6) months and offers continuous rewards for regular usage.

Q2. What does "bevla" mean?

Ans. Bevla" means bonus. The campaign rewards you with bonuses for activating and using your Mobile Money wallet.

Q3. How long does the campaign last?

Ans. The campaign lasts for six (6) months from the launch date.

Activation and Usage:

Q4. How do I activate my Mobile Money wallet?

Ans. To activate your Mobile Money wallet, dial *115# and follow the prompts.

Q5. What is the K5 bonus?

Ans. The K5 bonus is a reward credited to your Mobile Money wallet upon activation. It can be used for airtime and bundle purchases.

Q6. Can I transfer the K5 bonus to another account?

Ans. No, the K5 bonus is non-transferable and must be used within your Mobile Money wallet for airtime and bundle purchases.

Q7. How can I check my bonus balance?

Ans. You can check your bonus balance by dialing *115# and navigating to the balance inquiry option.

Earning and Maintaining Bonuses:

Q8. How do I continue earning bonuses after the initial activation?

To qualify for subsequent bonuses, you must transact a minimum of K5 in the previous month using your Mobile Money wallet.

Q9. What types of transactions count towards the minimum K5 requirement?

Transactions such as airtime purchases, bundle purchases, and bill payments count towards the minimum K5 requirement.

Q10. How often can I earn bonuses?

You can earn bonuses every month for six months as long as you meet the minimum transaction requirements.

Campaign Participation

Q11. Who is eligible to participate in the campaign?

The campaign is open to all Zamtel customers who are currently not active on Zamtel Mobile Money.

Q12. How do I know if I am eligible for the campaign?

If you are a Zamtelcustomer not using Mobile Money services, you are eligible. Dial *115# to check your eligibility and activate your wallet.

Support and Troubleshooting

Q13. What should I do if I encounter issues activating my wallet?

If you experience any issues, please contact our customer support team through 111

Q14. How can I get help with using my Mobile Money wallet?

You can get help by dialing our customer support number, visiting our website for tutorials, or checking our social media pages for guides and FAQs.

Q15. What if I don't receive my K5 bonus after activation?

If you do not receive your K5 bonus, please contact our customer support team for assistance. Ensure you have followed all the activation steps correctly.

Activate, Earn, Repeat