Ni Yathu Offers (ChiCoin Offers)


Ni Yathu Offers comes with more data, minutes and on-net SMS.

This offer allows all Zamtel prepaid mobile customers to buy more minutes and data bundles than any other network in Zambia at very affordable rates.

The customer will be able to access the on-net offers by dialing the USSD code *117# and select option 3 for Zamtel to Zamtel offers. The offers contain Daily, weekly and monthly offers.

How To Subscribe

Dial *117# and select option 3 for an offer that best suits you.

Below are the packages and prices of the Ni Yathu Offers.(Zamtel On-net)

Daily Offers Mins On-Net SMS Data in MBs
ChiCoin K2 Daily 13 120 -
ChiCoin K5 Daily 35 250 40
ChiCoin K10 Daily 75 250 30
Weekly Offers Mins On-Net SMS Data in MBs
ChiCoin K5 Weekly 35 120 35
ChiCoin K10 Weekly 70 220 80
ChiCoin K20 Weekly 150 300 100
ChiCoin K30 Weekly 220 400 150
ChiCoin K50 Weekly 350 800 400
Monthly Offers Mins On-Net SMS Data in MBs
ChiCoin K50 Monthly 350 500 300
ChiCoin K75 Monthly 550 750 700
ChiCoin K100 Monthly 850 1000 750
ChiCoin K150 Monthly 1250 1000 1229 (~1.2GB)


Q: What is the Ni Yathu Offer?

A: The offer is valid for pre-paid Zamtel customers only. On-net Chi Coin awards a customer with SMS, talking minutes and data bundle benefits.

Ni Yathu has three validity offers;

Daily Offers - Valid for 24Hrs

Weekly offers - Valid for 7Days

Monthly Offers - Valid for 30Days.

Q: How do I check my balance?

A: Simply dial *117# and select option 6.

Q: Can I subscribe more than once in a day?

A: Yes, you can subscribe more than once in a day.

Q: Can I subscribe to Ni Yathu offers and All-network offers at the same time?

A: Yes, the All-networks offers and Ni Yathu offers can be active at the same time.

Q: What Data will I use up first if I have an active bundle and opt into Ni Yathu?


A: After opting into Ni Yathu offer with the shortest validity will be used first.

Terms & Conditions

1. All Zamtel mobile prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe for this offer.

2. Customers will be able to access these offers by dialing *117# option 3.

3. Customers will have a choice of Daily, Weekly and Monthly offers.

4. Daily offers will be valid for 24 hours from time of subscription.

5. Weekly offers will be valid for 7 days from day of subscription.

6. Monthly offers will be valid for 30 days from the day of subscription

7. The term "benefits" will imply, voice minutes, data bundles and SMS.

8. Benefits attached to each offer will be valid from the time of subscription until the defined expiry time/date.

9. The benefits that are attached to each offer will be given to a customer upon successful deduction of a subscription fee from the main account, equal to the price of the offer.

10. Voice minutes will be used to Call Zamtel Mobile & Landline Numbers.

11. SMS will be used for Zamtel to Zamtel SMSs, after which SMSs will be billed from the main account.

12. The minutes'/SMS benefit given in this offer will be used to call/SMS Zamtel Numbers only.

13. Off-Net calls, roaming calls and calls to international numbers do not form part of this Tariff and will be charged at applicable rates.

14. Customers who are within the network in Zambia but are calling Zamtel numbers that are roaming will be able to call using the benefits as long as they are actively subscribed to the offer.

15. Calls to chargeable short codes and special numbers will be billed at the rates defined for those numbers.

16. Customers can subscribe to Zamtel to Zamtel offers as many times as possible.

17. The offers will have no auto-subscription/auto-renewal option; therefore, customers can subscribe at any given time.

18. Customers cannot subscribe to offer using bonus talk time. Only talk time from the main account will be valid for subscription.

19. If the customer exhausts all their benefits before the validity period has been reached, the customer will be charged for calls, SMSs & data services from the airtime in their main account or any other available wallet.

20. Customers will be billed at standard voice rates for calls and SMS services.

21. Data will be billed at K0.06 per MB.

22. Minutes from these offers can only be used for Zamtel to Zamtel calls.

Zamtel reserves the right to amend rates and benefits of this offer