The Vibez campaign brings you a range of affordable, and easily accessible products, including data offers with social add ons for TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Enjoy voice offers with complimentary night calling, explore educational bundles, and connect seamlessly with Z-Clique, a service that offers discounted calls within your Z-Clique network.

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to our exciting Vibez offers is easy and convenient. You can choose from the following methods:

Dial *117#:

Dial *117# on your mobile phone. Follow the on-screen prompts to navigate through the available Vibez offers. Select the offer that suits your needs and follow the instructions to subscribe.

My Zamtel App:

Download and install the My Zamtel App from your App store on your device or use the link Open the app and log in with your Zamtel account credentials.

Vibez Product Offering

Vibez Voice Offering

Package Type Validity Price On-net Mins Data in Mbs On-net SMS Add-on
Vibez Voice Weekly 5 30 120 35 Night calling
Vibez Voice Weekly 10 65 220 80 Night calling

Vibez Data Offers

Package Type Validity Price Data(MB) Data(GB) Add-on
Vibez Offers Daily 5 880 0.86GB N/A
Vibez Offers Weekly 15 2560 2.5GB Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok, Instagram
Vibez Offers Weekly 25 6144 6GB Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok, Instagram
Vibez Offers Monthly 110 15360 15GB Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok, Instagram


Q1. What is Vibez?

Ans: Vibez is a youth proposition that aims at bridging the communication and digital divide among the youth by providing voice, data and value added services to the youth that are affordable and easily accessible.

Q2. Are the offers available under Vibez campaign restricted to only the youth?

Ans: No, the offers are accessible to all mobile prepaid customers

Q3. How can I access the Vibez offers

Ans: The Vibez offers are available for purchase on *117#, and My Zamtel App

Q4. At what rate will I be billed when calling a member of Z-Clique?

Ans: You will be billed K0.0084 per second from your main talk time account

Q5. How many numbers can I add to my Z-Clique?

Ans: You can add upto 6 numbers to your Z-Clique

Q6. What time is the free calling activated on the Vibez voice offers?

Ans: Free calling is between 23:00PM to 04:59AM, the night calling is only applicable to Zamtel numbers only.