Zamtel Stata


This is a service which allows Zamtel Subscriber's Borrow airtime from Zamtel whenever they run out.

How to Subscribe

To Subscribe dial *118#


Q: How much can I borrow?

A: You can borrow between K1 and K20 Depending on your airtime usage pattern

Q: How much is charged on payback?

A: A service charge of 10% on the amount borrowed is charged.

Terms and Conditions

• STATA is a service that allows pre-paid customers to borrow airtime when they have run out of airtime and they are expected to pay back on the next airtime top-up/recharge

• To access STATA, subscribers dial short code *118#. This will avail the customer with denominations of airtime available for them to borrow.

• Amount eligible is dependent on the customers’ usage and duration on the network. This entails each customer will be eligible for different amounts. Note the following considerations;

⚬ SIM Registration Status

⚬ Age on Network

⚬ Frequency of recharges

⚬ Average revenue per user

⚬ Status on network and status history

⚬ Subscriber’s STATA usage and repayment history

⚬ Subscribers’ STATA loan status

• Subscribers are eligible to borrow on STATA from K1 to K20 depending on their usage.

• All borrowed amounts will be paid back at 10% interest. That is; if one borrows K10, they pay back K11

• STATA loan can be used for all Zamtel tariffs, rating and pricing, including but not limited to:

⚬ Making calls

⚬ Sending SMS

⚬ Browsing the internet (PAYG)

⚬ Buying of data bundles

⚬ Buying of Combo Bundles

⚬ Buying of VAS Content and Premium services

⚬ Send Airtime to another Zamtel subscriber through Zamtel Share service

⚬ International Calls

• Subscribers will not access the STATA service if:

⚬ They do not meet the minimum age on network of 90 days

⚬ Their top -up behavior is not regular

⚬ They have an unpaid STATA loan

⚬ The have an outstanding loan with our Chuma loan service

• Customers can qualify for STATA service with any balance in their main account.

• Partial and full deductions will be supported:

⚬ A partial deduction will happen when a subscriber does not have enough airtime to fully pay the STATA loan. The subscriber’s account will be deducted by the airtime amount currently available, and the remaining debt will be recovered on the next recharge

⚬ A full recovery occurs where the subscribers’ airtime balance is sufficient to deduct the full owing amount from

• When a customer replaces their SIM card, STATA advance remains intact and will be accessible as soon as the subscriber replaces the SIM card

• In case of top up through Zamtel Share or Me2U the amount will be recovered. Any transaction that credits the main account initiates a recovery if the subscriber has a STATA loan

• Customers will receive an SMS for each transaction e.g. when borrowing or paying back the STATA debt

• Without prejudice to any other remedies available at law, Zamtel reserves the right to immediately terminate use of the service if it has reason to believe that the subscriber is using - or has used at any time - the service in a manner that is unauthorized, unlawful or fraudulent