This Service enables subscribers to engage directly with their favorite Celebrity & Sports clubs through voice messages on Zamtel.

Subscribers receive updates and blogs from Celebrities sharing their thoughts and emotions over voice messages as well as sports updates from their favorite Clubs.

How to Subscribe

Customers can subscribe to the service by dialing the code *367# or by SMS through sending the keyword of the service they want activated to 367.

Service Name Keyword Subscribe
Bombshell Bombshell Dial *367#
Jayroxs Jayroxs Dial *367#
Willz Willz Dial *367#
Cleo Cleo Dial *367#
OC OC Dial *367#
Dopge Dopge Dial *367#
Eddie Black Eddie Dial *367#
Wezi Wezi Dial *367#
Wezi Wezi Dial *367#
MANU MANU Dial *367#
Chelsea Chelsea Dial *367#
Arsenal Arsenal Dial *367#
Barcelona Barcelona Dial *367#
Liverpool Liverpool Dial *367#
Real Madrid Real Madrid Dial *367#


Service is charged at K0.91. The service will only charge when a message is received from the subscribed for service.

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe, send the keyword of the service (as shown in the table below) to 367 OR by dialing *367#, select the service you wish to deactivate.

Service Name Keyword Unsubscribe
Bombshell Bombshell STOP Bombshell
Jayroxs Jayroxs STOP Jayroxs
Willz Willz STOP Willz
Cleo Cleo STOP Cleo
Dopge Dopge STOP Dopge
Eddie Black Eddie STOP Eddie
Wezi Wezi STOP Wezi
Wezi Wezi STOP Wezi
Chelsea Chelsea STOP Chelsea
Arsenal Arsenal STOP Arsenal
Barcelona Barcelona STOP Barcelona
Liverpool Liverpool STOP Liverpool
Real Madrid Real Madrid STOP Real Madrid


Q: What is the Starblitz Service?

A: This is a service that allows customers to listen to blogs from celebrities in the celebrity's own voice and get updates from Sports clubs.

Q: How can I subscribe and unsubscribe from Zamtel StarBlitz service?

A: You can subscribe and unsubscribe by sending the keywords as indicated in the table below to 367.

Q: What are the different subscription options available?

A: Subscription can be done by dialing *367# or by sending an SMS to 367 with the service keyword.

Q: Will I be able to listen to old messages posted by a celebrity or sports club?

A: Yes, you can listen to a message again at no charge.

Q: Is it possible to subscribe to multiple services?

A: Yes, you can subscribe to as many services options as possible.

Q: Will I be charged for the service in the event that a celebrity or sports club does not send any blogs?

A: The service is billed daily; if a celebrity or sports club has not posted any content then the users validity is extended to the next day.