Mobile Postpaid


The Zamtel Postpaid Service is a service intended for our Corporate Customers allowing them to have access to calling and texting at low rates payable at the end of every month.

How to Signup

Customer fills in application form and attach the following;

Passport size photo

Utility bills

Attach Letter of introduction from company

Copy of certificate of incorporation/registration

Photocopies of NRC or Passport

Letter of reference from Banker/three (3) months current bank statements

Customer signs service agreement form

Completed SIM registration form.


1. Post-paid customers have the liberty continuous usage of the line without the inconvenience of constant recharge.

2. Post-paid customers enjoy lower rate and SMS tariffs than pre-paid customers.

3. Post-paid customers have a greater variety of roaming destinations than pre-paid customers.

4. Zamtel post-paid services come with free minutes and free limited data bundles.

5. Numbers under this package maybe placed on a feature called a Closed User Group (CUG) under which they will be able to call each for as low rate. This CUG can be extended to lines on our Fixed Landline (PSTN) as well.