Fixed landline Service


Zamtel Fixed line service is available nationwide. The service classes are Consumer (residential), Small medium Enterprise/Enterprise (business) / (Special services such as Government & International Organizations’). The Landline telephone is the most conventional business tool and helps the business world to complete their business transactions with one another over long distances.

It is convenient, fast, personal and inexpensive and available to both companies and individuals.

How to Sign up

Fill in a Service application form from any Zamtel outlets

Attach Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Registration/incorporation, a stamp or company seal for a company or organization

List of Directors and their photocopies of NRC/passports

Introductory letter from the bank/three (3) current months bank statements (If applying for Postpaid)


Postpaid Landline ZMW peak | off peak (VAT Incl.)
Landline to Landline (Local) K0.0043 | K0.0033
Landline to Landline (national) K0.0217 | K0.0163
Landline to Zamtel Mobile K0.0255 | K0.0127
Landline to other Networks K0.0510 | K0.0510
Monthly Rental Business / Residential Postpaid K100