Stay connected wherever you are in the World with Zamtels Roaming services available on both postpaid and prepaid. With over 277 international roaming partners in 133 countries across the world. Our roaming rates are competitive and affordable.

About Zamtel International Roaming service

International Roaming service is the ability that makes Zamtel customers to make, receive calls, use Data and SMS services while using their numbers in the networks of other operators whilst abroad. This enables Zamtel Customers to stay in touch with their friends, family and business by offering excellent roaming services. Zamtel offers Roaming to both Postpaid (HVC) and prepaid customers, all Zamtel Customers can use Data and SMS services while they Roam, applicable charges are applied.

To make a call or send SMS while Roaming dial in international format below Example: + or 00, country code, network code, number (+260 95 XXXXXX)

Before you travel

• Confirm that Zamtel has a roaming partner in the country you wish to visit by calling the call centre on 111 / +260 211 3333152 / +260211 333153) or visit Zamtel website 

Post paid Customers

• Zamtel Roaming is available on all PostPaid (HVC) Customers. Usage will be billed within the customer’s credit limit, IF THE Customers wishes to increase their limit they need to make prior arrangement with the Account manager at Zamtel.

• Activate your voice mailbox password before leaving so that you can retrieve your messages upon return.

Prepaid Customers

- International Roaming for Prepaid numbers is a default feature on your mobile number.

- Switch your phone off and turn it on once you have arrived at your destination. On start-up, your cellphone will search and automatically select a local network to roam on. You may start making calls.

- If a local network is not automatically selected, consult your User Manual on how to search for networks manually.

- To recharge while abroad dial *113* recharge number and press send, Recharge the same way as when using Zamtel network, As a prepaid Roamer you are not required to sign any contract with Zamtel.

Data / Internet Roaming

- Data roaming is when your phone connects to the Internet when you are in another Country and about to keep certain applications up-to-date or provide access to some of your applications.

- Some mobile internet based applications like Facebook, GPS, BlackBerry messenger or any other instant messaging application continuously consume data bandwidth leading to data-roaming charges even when you are not using them. This is applicable to smart phones and high-end mobile internet capable handsets. Please take an informed decision to keep these applications switched-on while you are abroad.

- Mobile Internet/data usage (internet usage) is charged as per the volume of data sent or received. Charges vary from country to country and operator to operator. Your local (home network) data bundles for mobile internet/ BlackBerry are not valid abroad. All data usage while you are overseas will be charged at the visited operator rate.

How do I select for Roaming Service once I travel abroad?

Upon arrival at the roaming destination, follow the guidelines below to choose the correct roaming network partner.

1.  Switch on the device

2. Switch the phone off and on

3. Go to the main menu

4. Scroll down and select “Manage Connections”

5. On the Mobile Network Option, ensure that “Data services and While Roaming are set to ON”

6. Ensure the network reflecting under Mobile Network is the right roaming partner with whom Zamtel can Roam with

7. If the network reflecting under Mobile Network is not the right roaming partner, conduct a manual search for the right network by switching Network Selection Mode to “Manual

8. After the search is complete, a list of networks available will be listed.

9. To make a call or send sms dial in international format Example: + or 00, country code, network code, number (+260 95 XXXXXX)

Roaming charges

- Voice Calls and SMS - All incoming as well as outgoing voice calls and SMS’ are chargeable while you are abroad. Call charges vary from country to country and operator to operator. The charges are always set on a per-minute billing. Text message usage is charged for 160 characters per outgoing SMS. Thus, if an SMS is over 160 characters then it is charged as two SMS’.

Billing & Payments

- Credit limit/payments: While you are roaming overseas, usage limit cannot be guaranteed and the likelihood that your usage will turn out higher on your bill is more probable. This is due to the dependence we have on the partner to communicate your usage for billing which has a time frame of 30 days from the time you make the call.