Water for Life

Water is life so the saying goes. To date, almost half of the population lacks access to safe water despite the nation being endowed with abundant natural resources. This unfortunate situation leads in most instances to medical problems that affect the quality of life for individuals, families and communities. This is the key challenge that Zamtel decided to tackle as our Corporate Social Responsibility aimed at augmenting efforts to reverse the trend of lack of access to clean and safe drinking water.

Inspired by our key brand message Live Life Today, we needed to come up with a programme that is relevant to everyday living in rural and peri-urban Zambia.

As an enabler brand, Zamtel had to demonstrate that we understand people's needs and show that we are here to help them live their lives today. We realised that access to water is a key concern in the country, very few rural villages have access to clean running water and rely on lakes and rivers in their areas. This realisation is what led to the birthing of a unique CRS programme called Water for Life.